About Unclec Josh

Uncle Josh Foods is an agricultural food processing and packaging company.  
We deal in marketing, distribution of African foodstuffs and commodity trading both locally and internationally. We also source for products that serves as raw materials for companies like pharmaceutical, food processors and manufacturing.  
Due to our principles of integrity, excellence and quality product standards we have strategic partners in Europe, Northern America, Middle East and Asia. 

Our products includes :

  1. Gari Ijebu 
  2. Ugu leaves 
  3. Smoked crayfish 
  4. Ogbonna ( grounded) 
  5. Beans (Ewa Oloyin)
  6. Elubo ( Lafu)
  7. Ata gungun 
  8. Pepper soup spice
  9. Thyme, pepper, curry 
  10. Yam 

Commodity trade :

  1. Sweet potatoes
  2. Cashew nuts 
  3. Beans 
  4. Cocoa 
  5. Sesame seeds 
  6. Oranges